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Hey you!

I see you out there, trying to eat healthy, annoyed with all the "quick fix" promises in the diet industry.


Maybe you're struggling with your body image.


Maybe you feel like you're floundering in the sea of conflicting nutrition information.

Maybe you know diets don't work, but you miss the anchor of having a "plan".


Maybe you feel like giving up on healthy eating because it seems too hard, confusing, expensive, or time-consuming.


Okay, I get all that, I really do. But hold on a minute.


What if you could acquire the tools necessary to:


  • Understand the signals your body is sending you


  • Fix your digestive issues


  • De-mystify and de-shame your “weird” behaviors around food


  • Understand why you have certain food cravings


  • Know exactly which nutrients you’re deficient in and how to adjust your diet to get what you need


  • Eliminate that afternoon energy crash


  • Shift your relationship with food from stressful to peaceful


  • Befriend your body


  • Enjoy, savor, RELISH each meal


  • Experience gratitude and satisfaction on a daily basis



I want to show you how to do this!! If you don’t already know me, my name is Michelle Casey. I’m a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and a Certified Holistic Health Coach.


I started out as a personal trainer, and over the years became very frustrated at how little I was able to help my clients with a couple hours a week in the gym. The clients who had dramatic, satisfying changes were the ones who altered not only their diets, but also their relationship to food. When I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease in 2014, I knew I wanted to dive deeper into functional nutrition and really make a difference in my clients’ lives. Interestingly, though, the deeper I dove into the science, the more it seemed that I was still working superficially; we had just substituted handfuls of pills and unsustainable diet plans for workouts. I discovered that unless my client had a contextual shift – that is, a personal transformation – their chances of healing were much lower, let alone their chances of making long-term changes for their health. Enter The Relish™ Program.


I designed this program to START with that contextual shift, and to enable you to facilitate your own transformation, as well as giving you the tools and information needed to make smart choices that are aligned with your health goals.

There is no elimination diet in this program, no counting calories, no rigid meal plan. However, if you are following a therapeutic diet, you will definitely be able to apply these principles and get even more out of it!


What *is* included is training in how to track your signs and symptoms, to better understand what *your* unique body needs. Coaching to overcome the roadblocks that have stopped you from succeeding in the past. And enough nutrition science to help you understand why your body needs what it needs.


We’ll be approaching health from many different angles – a holistic view of how the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life are intertwined and how each affects the other.

The Relish™ Program is tentatively scheduled to run again January 21st - March 10th, 2020. Sign up below to be among the first to be notified when registration is open again!

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