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Let me take you on a journey...


To a time when we gathered as women in the natural places

To a time when the magic of our grandmothers was revered and respected

To a time when the force of your feminine power was celebrated

Connect with that within you which is holy and wise

Connect with that within you that no fire can burn out

Connect with your own Divine creativity


Emerge with deep clarity about your intentions and who you truly are

Emerge fortified, with the strength of your grandmothers coursing through you

Emerge renewed and prepared to own your full power

LadyMagic™ January New Moon Workshop Download

  • Please note that the replay is an audio .mp3 file, rather than a video. I was using a new software that was unfortunately very inconsistent with our video quality.

    The workshop packet includes journaling prompts, the reading I shared, a recipe from Mother Squash, and illustrative drawings of the workshop by Gretchen Williams - The Seattle Book Lady.

    I hope you enjoy it, and I'm looking forward to sharing more New Moon #LadyMagic with you in the future!