Communications Policy


As part of our effort to ensure that you are supported in between sessions, Fit Foodie Enterprises, LLC has enacted the following communications policy:


Email - Emails will be checked and returned within 2 business days. If you are currently in the midst of a package, email consultations in between sessions are included in your package. It is possible, however, that your provider will not be able to answer your questions or provide complete advice without having an actual session. This also applies to clients who have not been seen for 3 months or more, as we cannot provide email coaching without getting current on your situation. We appreciate your understanding.


Phone - Our office number is 808.468.6078 and messages will be checked and returned within one business day. Any other phone numbers are not to be used for business related issues.


Other methods of communication

Texts, instant messengers (Facebook, etc.) and any other method of communication is not included in the scope of this policy and is not considered an appropriate way to request assistance from a health care provider. Fit Foodie Enterprises has no promise or obligation to reply to any requests for communication not outlined in this policy.

If you have an emergency, please contact your local emergency services.


Updated 11/2017