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Why should you get hair analysis testing?

  • To determine your current metabolic type so you can fine tune your macronutrient ratios and create a diet plan specific to your unique health

  • To get a clear plan for supplements specific to your current health so you can stop wasting money on supplements you don't need and that aren't working

  • Find out if you have current heavy metal exposure and how to support your body’s natural detoxification systems appropriately

  • To understand why your energy may be inconsistent, or how to impact chronic fatigue

  • Find out whether you are showing signs of adrenal or thyroid insufficiency & determine what other testing might be helpful for you

  • Find out whether your body is dealing with some level of blood sugar imbalance and learn what minerals you need to support healthy blood sugar levels

  • Learn how to customize immune-boosting protocols and practices to stay as healthy as possible!

This package includes:

1 - Hair Analysis Home Test Kit with Instructions

     (normally $99)

1 - Initial Health History Intake Session

     (normally $247)

1 - Lab Results and Recommendations Session

     (normally $247)


(Total value: $593)


Your cost: $417


[A 30% savings!]

Hair mineral tissue analysis 
Bonus Bundle